Osteoarthritis Treatment

For osteoarthritis knee pain, it’s your skill that makes viscosupplements work. With TriVisc you get a clinically proven 3 injection product with the advantage of fair and consistent pricing — for you and your patients. OrthogenRx prices it’s products in a way that is affordable and reflective of the value they bring to patients and providers.

Reimbursement Code J7329


  • Highly purified HA produced by bacterial biofermentation technology
  • Removes the risk of avian allergies and sensitivities
  • Consistent viscolastic properties, safe for repeat injection cycles
  • Fully automated manufacturing process minimizes the risk of contamination and human error


  • 35 million doses administered worldwide1†
  • TriVisc efficacy established by equivalence to Visco-3 ®2
    • Visco-3 determined to be non-inferior to Euflexxa®3
  • Supported by published clinical data
    • TriVisc exhibited improvement in WOMAC and VAS scores compared to baseline4,5,6

Trivisc Professional
35 Million administrated worldwide.2 †